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Mercado Modelo - Click to enlargeThe Mercado Modelo is the ideal local for you to shop in comfort and security, and provides for the purchase of quality products at reasonable prices.

Mercado Modelo - Click to enlargeIn its 263 shops, distributed over 8.410 m2 can be found an enormous variety of arts and crafts and articles typical of Bahia: characteristic musical instruments, berimbaus (musical bows), clothes, hammocks, wood carvings, lacework and woven baskets from the Isle of Maré, crotcheted embroideries, artificial jewelry and accessories, decorative and functional pieces made from leather, iron, straw, wood and ceramics, the famous cloth dolls dressed as “baianas”, amulets, trinkets, ribbons from the Senhor do Bonfim and religious objects, both from Catholicism and from Candomblé.

Mercado Modelo - Click to enlargeYou may also find jewels and articles with precious and semi-precious stones, gold, silver, leather, magnificent paintings that portray the landscapes and daily routines of Bahia, wood block art and primitive paintings, typical food and beverages.

To complete your sight-seeing, you can take delight in both quality restaurants that specialize in regional food, with its plates and soups of prawn, accompanied by delicious pastes and tastes (vatapás, carurus, xinxins) and other plates of the Bahia cuisine.Mercado Modelo - Click to enlargeYou may also enjoy yourself in our mini-bars and restaurants, drinking an ice-cold beer, typical drinks, or the famous cocktails of pre-boiled ingredients, all accompanied by a variety of typical finger foods, the most outstanding being the "lambretas", a type of oyster cooked and served with lemon and pepper, or the quick little snacks. In the external area, the trays of the Bahianas offer coconut sweets, abarás and the famous acarajés (hot and spicey prawn filled rolls).

Don’t forget to visit the Mercado Modelo, Brazil’s major arts and crafts shopping centre.

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